Charlie Papazian Releases BeerCity USA 2011 Poll

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Lately, I have been really into polls and rankings (as evidenced here and here). So it is no surprise that I got all giddy over Charlie Papazian’s BeerCity USA Poll 2011.

Although I was born in Denver and have lived in every corner of the land, I must confess that, when it comes to craft beer, California is king. Both San Diego and The Bay Area, in my opinion, have two of the fastest growing craft beer scenes in the world. Both cities boast some of the best breweries, bars, beer gardens and beer-centric restaurants in the country.

Not to mention, my all-time favorite brewery in the country, Russian River Brewing Company, is in my backyard.

Statistically though,  California was the most award winning state at both the GABF and the World Beer Cup last year. But we all know that these awards, although important and noteworthy,  do not necessarily drive consumer demand or determine the most popular brands and beers.

Anyways, Ashville is kicking ass on the poll at the moment. I’ve never been there and I’m sure it is a rad beer destination, but I highly doubt it’s the “best” beer city (yes folks, those are fighting words). So I’ve decided to take it upon myself to promote the poll (especially to my fellow Californians) in hopes of tipping the scale in our direction. Either way, let the best man … errr city … win!


Charlie’s rules and guidelines: Only one vote per IP address (per person). “Other” is an option. If he receives over 70 votes for a town or city that’s not on the list – he will add it to the list.

Poll opens Monday, May 2.  Poll will close 11:59 p.m. (Mountain Time), Monday, May 8.  Poll results will be announced shortly thereafter.

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