The Wench “Interviews” Bob Cannon

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Published on August 02, 2009 with 11 Comments

This, my dear friends (and loyal subjects), is an extremely important landmark in the history of The Beer Wench blog.

I am extremely honored and excited to present my first ever official Beer Wench video interview.

And if that was not cool enough, the interview is with the head brewer from Sam Adams –the one, the only– Mr. Bob Cannon.


As you may recall, I recently attended a Sam Adams beer dinner at The Culinary Institute of Charleston. While I was there, Bob Cannon was kind enough to let me interview him.

Since I was unaware of the fact that I would be given this opportunity, the actual interview is completely of the cusp. Nothing that was discussed was planned in advance — and actually, the “interview” flows more like a conversation.

As you will notice, the interview is in two parts. This is because both Bob and The Wench love to talk — especially about beer.

So without any further ado, allow me to present The Wench’s very first video interview with Bob Cannon from Samuel Adams.



Feedback is greatly encouraged!


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  1. great interview Wenchie! i raised my official sam adams tasting glass to this!! :)

  2. this is absolutely fantastic, great work ash, it’s great you got to interview the head brewer, you seem to be building your network nice and strong, I always love reading your articles, and this video interview was just as entertaining and informative, both one in the same. Looking forward to when you’re ever around columbus again!

  3. J Lin!!!

    OMG thank you so much for your feedback! I miss you sooooo very much! I hope things are going well in your life!


  4. Thanks dude … cheers!

  5. Great interview.

  6. What a nice guy! But who isn’t nice from Boston?! You’re lucky you had such a chatty guest for your first interview, often one can get a real dud.
    Watch your use of props- you banged that sign around too much. Once you relaxed, your conversation flowed. Strong and attention grabbing section when you expressed interest in the menu, the ingredients, and the pairing! Nice looking at the camera to grab the audience in, do that more. I hope the Sam Adams people are watching- you could become their PR/Wench/Ad Girl.

  7. Fantastic job! I always wanted to do video stuff but feel I have a face for radio not TV!;)

  8. Great job! Who is your next interview?

  9. I had the opportunity to meet Bob Cannon last year in May during a Sam Adams Beer Dinner at the Rioja in Denver. Bob is absolutely wonderful to talk to and listen to. Bob hosted the beer dinner and introduced us all to several of the Boston Beer (Sam Adams) beers. Would love to share another beer with him again sometime. Hint hint. Hey Bob bring us all another Sam Adams beer dinner in Colorado again soon ok?!

    Loved your interview. Please do more like these!

  10. Perfect timing for me to read this as my boyfriend is on his way home with a Sam Adams 12 pack. Lucky you!

  11. Very nice! You’re pretty good at this!

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