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Announcing BeerMixology.Com — A Collaborative Website Dedicated to Crafting Cocktails with Beer

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Published on January 03, 2012 with 1 Comment

After months of research & development, a team of craft beer and mixology experts across the U.S. has finally unveiled its new and exciting project, — the Internet’s most comprehensive and collaborative resource for beer cocktails.

In its most basic definition, beer mixology is defined as the art or skill of crafting and mixing cocktails that use beer as an ingredient. One of the newest and most innovative trends in both the spirits and beer industries, beer cocktails have begun to appear on the most prestigious of bar menus, and some unexpected places, in many of the major metropolises — especially in the cities boasting the largest craft beer cultures (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver, etc.).

“Beer Cocktails are taking the country by storm! Whether you’re into craft beer or your simply a fan of a good mixed drink, I think this trend touches people from all over the board. I’m excited to see where this takes us!” Tatiana Peavey, founder of

Although mixing cocktails with beer is an emerging trend, it is slow to grow. Most mixologists and bartenders are hesitant to experiment with beer as an ingredient. Beer Mixology’s cross-drinking founder, Ashley Routson, attributes this problem to lack of resources on the subject, “Most traditional cocktail books and classes train people how to manipulate spirits with the use of bitters, syrups, juice, herbs, spices and even other spirits. Virtually none of them talk about using beer as an ingredient.”

It is also possible that the large spectrum of beer styles is also intimidating to the non-expert. Perhaps the real issue is not the lack of talent, but the lack of education. Routson notes, “Expecting a mixologist to know everything about beer would be like expecting a beer expert to know everything about wine. Not all alcohol is created equal, and it is extremely hard to be an expert at them all. This is why I think it is crucial for beer experts and professional mixologists to work together in crafting beer cocktails. A confluence of the minds, if you will. Beer mixology is what I consider to be a beautiful hybrid of both beverages and their cultures.”

With the goal of answering the need for a beer mixology resource, Routson sought the help of friends who were already successfully developing and executing beer cocktail recipes and events. She roped in some of the most talented mixologists and beer connoisseurs, all from major food & beverage capitals in the U.S. The founding team, all whose bios can be found on the website, includes Ryan Conklin, Jess Hunter, Tatiana Peavey, Rocky Yeh, Angelo De Ieso, Bradford Knutson, Justin Lloyd, Nat Harry, and Routson.

The team of beverage misfits expects to hit some road bumps with the launch of its innovative website. Many beer purists argue that beer is already, in itself, a perfectly crafted cocktail of barley, hops, yeast, and water. And why would anyone want to upset that balance?

Although already loaded with talent, is still seeking additional talent to join the team. will post and credit any bar or spirits brand that wants to feature their own beer cocktails on the site, and will gladly promote all beer cocktail events. Send all contributor requests and media inquiries to

About Beer Mixology
Beer Mixology was founded by a group of craft beer and cocktail experts from all over the United States, all with different backgrounds in the wonderful world of booze. Some are renowned and experienced mixologists, others brewers and craft beer aficionados, some come from both worlds, but all share a common passion for the art and science of beer mixology.

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  1. She takes this very seriously. I watched her create concoctions the entire 2011 Christmas week she was in NY on vacation.

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